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Social commitment Azkaetxa Group (Autofren-Seinsa) #covid-19
grupo akaetxa
08 / 06 / 2020

Social commitment Azkaetxa Group (Autofren-Seinsa) #covid-19

Due to the exceptional circumstances that we are living in, and the distinctive social commitment of Azkaetxa Group, family business group from Navarra with 50 years of history, to which belongs Autofren-Seinsa and Joycar, we are pleased to announce you that Joycar has developed devices to face the Covid-19 situation:

  •  EAR SAVERS                        
  •  NON TOUCH DEVICES                

Contributing to reduce risk and vulnerability and make life easier and to get the normality in the business of our clients. These devices are available in Joycar, and they are also customizable according to your needs. If you need further information do not hesitate and contact us through and +34 948 140706 (ATT. Iñigo Gómez).

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