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ABS sensor, new product new technology
Sensor de revolución de rueda
30 / 10 / 2019

ABS sensor, new product new technology

We are pleased to announce a new brake product, the ABS wheel speed sensors.

For SEINSA it is more than a simple product, it is a new technology. It is a strategic venture, taking advantage of our almost 50 years of experience in hydraulic brakes, venturing into the world of automotive electronics, present more and more in automobiles.

We are taking advantage of our knowledge in brakes and quality standards which makes us stand out in the market, guaranteeing the quality of our new product, our hallmark and position of leadership.

We begin this new journey with a catalogue of 100 references, covering 50% of the most common references in Europe. Our range includes two types of sensors, passive and active, for either side of the vehicle and applications both for front and rear wheels. We will continue to expand the catalogue consistently; as always, all the information will be available on our web page and on TecAlliance.

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